New technologies and increasing access and use of Internet are leading to new educational challenges in schools. The emergence of interactive systems of communication has led to some changes that reflect on the educational systems. "Learning" is here, now and lifewide. Nowadays, one of the major challenges faced by schools is getting their members to produce knowledge, involving students and teachers alike. But how do educational institutions and their teachers see these challenges? What kind of relationship do they establish with new technologies? In order to respond to the emergence of interactive systems of communication and to the transformations it causes in the teacher-student relationship, it is necessary to provide teachers with skills that allow them to work in the Knowledge Society. This project analyzes the change in the educational paradigm, the relationship between teachers and technology in the teaching-learning process, and how blearning can strengthen that relationship. Through the review of literature and the comparison with a case study, this project seeks to identify the training needs of teachers regarding the use of interactive systems of communication, and to define the educational and scientific skills that can help them improve and implement methodologies and teaching strategies to facilitate the learning process.

KEYWORDS: Interactive systems of communication; teacher’s; b-learning.