The main objective of this work was to understand the importance of an innovative approach in the training of teachers, as well as to present some of the characteristics and methodologies related to a curriculum development process, in the implementation of a course using the b learning model, mostly based on constructivist principles. To support this research it was carried out a review of the literature on Curriculum Development, Distance Learning and Models of development of distance learning courses.  The study case for this research was developed based on a course of training for teachers, "Educational Use of the Moodle platform," using the semi-presence mode, b-learning. This means that the course ran on a platform online where various activities were proposed. These were based on the reading of texts, debates, discussions and work of a practical nature. We consider the objective of the course as being the promotion and development of skills in the use of Moodle in a school environment. The study was conducted in the Santa Maria do Olival Secondary/3 School Moodle. The choice is due to the fact that this training course had already been implemented there.  The examination consisted of measuring the design of the course, particularly as regards the specification of cognitive objectives, the definition of assessment methodologies, the curriculum conception or the sequence of contents, and the design activities that seek to promote learning, in order to answer the following questions:

What are the skills to be developed under the consideration of working methods of the teachers in their activity with students and / or teachers, with the use of Moodle?

What kind of skills should be developed in the course of operation of e-Learning platforms, the development of e-learning courses and integration of related technologies as a teacher or just the creator of courses / disciplines?

How to develop the ability to analyze the activities carried out using the Moodle platform, regarding organization, planning and assessment activities?

What skills to develop on the structure and dynamics of workspaces for the effective and widespread use of the platform?

After this study, we have observed that in developing and planning a course, the methodological aspects are of crucial importance.

KEYWORDS: Curriculum development, e-learning, b-learning, distance learning.