Now the school faces constant challenges that mirror the change in the information society and knowledge, the materials support the teaching and learning are rapidly changing and access to information is becoming faster. The skills developed by students of Basic Education are promoted in curriculum based on meaningful learning. It should be taken advantage of technological innovation and of the supports which are constantly renewed, as well as the capabilities and interests of young students are our goal in education. Elearning should benefit from the interaction between all those who are involved in teaching and learning inside and outside the classroom, in formal teaching time or selfpath.

We want to know how the teacher can use technology to support the learning process and how to streamline the interaction between students, teachers, as ICT or a teaching platform.

In technical and scientific level teacher-tutor join the online teaching skills that define the use of tools, guidance, encouragement, reinforcement, synthesis and evaluation. This profile brings us to the importance of communicating individually and in group on a platform of teaching and learning and it’s one of the foundations of computer mediated tutoring.

KEYWORDS: eTutors, online tutoring, assessment, self-regulated learning, self-concept, metacognition, motivation, elearning, blearning, extrinsic and intrinsic motivation.