This research project aims at filling one of the gaps in oral teaching/learning in basic and secondary school. We hope to contribute to minimize the gap between formal oral presentation and other types of skills. Thus, we thought of developing a working tool that can be used independently, from a distance, or in the classroom, depending on the teacher's course provision and organization. Through the different video frames that compose it, the learning object addresses the various skills that are involved in the construction of successful oral expression performances. It addresses linguistic and paralinguistic elements and its importance in terms of oral expression, it describes its purpose, and it shows how one can modify/alter their behaviour in order to develop skills that are associated with oral expression in formal situations - more specifically, formal oral presentations. The working tool was built in a modular fashion, with each of the elements being both presented and dealt with in isolation. The integration of the learning object in a LMS allows one to use and to take advantage of ali the tools that it provides, which are basically related to the collaboration and/or cooperation among students or between students and teacher. Any student may participate and contribute by giving their thoughts, providing their feedback and suggesting other training methods, ali of which help to (re)construct the learning object. As for its development, we kept in mind a set of characteristics that must integrate every learning object to be used online, such as: visual design, organization, navigability, attractiveness, interactivity and recursion.

KEYWORDS: Formal oral expression, e-learning, learning object, strategies.