The propagation of sites, portals and platforms in the World Wide Web has become not only a mere presence in the global information network and knowledge, but also an important contribution of technological and social resources for selection and interaction of contents, triggering the need of user interaction and intervention with the system itself.

The development of thematic portals that also include the services demanded by users as become one of the current challenges. With the purpose of answering this problem the present project work was developed, which consists in the conception of a thematic portal in the area of e-Learning.

Therefore research about the main shortcomings of similar portals was performed and unique characteristics and functionalities where developed, meeting users expectations and real needs. All the functionalities are detailed and described at front-office level, as well as back-office level and the form of layout presentation of the main pages that constitute the portal.

Finally, a critical analysis was conducted, focused on the expected results of this portal development.

KEYWORDS: Website, portal, e-learning, functionalities, user needs and expectations.