With this work, we intend to observe the results of the teaching and learning process of Portuguese language that has gotten more effective and attractive with the implementation of an Oficina Online de leitura e escrita. This Oficina developed and provided experiences/activities to lower secondary students which led to a more active and constructive role in teaching/learning the native language and showed to these students the importance of language proficiency in its various forms and functions.

Some of the objectives of this study were to analyze the relation of a group of students from the 3rd grade with the subject of Portuguese language, through the use of technologies that help improve learning, also to compare the changes made in the native language by the students in the sample with the ones on the control group and compare the changes made in other areas (such as relation with work, relation with others) by the students on the sample with the ones made by the control group.

The efficiency of all the work done was being reviewed regularly and is able to demonstrate that the proposed procedure has led to positive results including the endorsement of research work, the participation in more active and collaborative activities, in interpersonal communication and the call for reading and writing.

KEYWORDS: Motivation, Self-sufficiency, Interpretation, Writing, Technology, Lower secondary.